Pig Iron School: artists to watch out for

Many, but not all, of this year’s graduates, as clowns. Photo by Eva Steinmetz.

One of the very best parts of my current job, working as the Director of Development at Pig Iron Theatre Company, is getting to be a close observer of the students at the Pig Iron School, directed by Quinn Bauriedel. In an interesting partnership with the University of the Arts, the students are earning a Graduate Certificate or an MFA in Devised Performance.

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to see them perform cabaret at La Peg, their culminating performances (called Dares) at UArts, a New York performance at Dixon Place, numerous public showings at the Pig Iron studios, and various drafts during Friday showings, also at Pig Iron. It took me a while to sort out who was who since I most often saw them in character and in crazy costumes, but I came to get a sense of their individual voices and talents, as makers and performers, and feel enormously grateful to have been a witness to their work this semester. I’m impressed with their courage and originality, their boldness and brightness. I can’t wait to see what they do next. Congratulations, Pig Iron graduates!!

Pig Iron School: artists to watch out for

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